What you need to know about Christine and the Queens

On December, 12 Christine and the Queens - a singer, dancer and feminist with an exceptional voice and active stance presented her new album in Paris. In case you haven’t heard about this phenomenal creator earlier, we have prepared the key points about her career and music in this article.

• A rebel soul

At the age of seventeen, Frenchwoman Eloise Letisie, a daughter of philologists from Nancy, fell in love with her girlfriend, left her home and entered the High School of Normal in Lyon to study the theater. Five years later, Eloise experienced a heart tearing break up, quitted the theater and moved to London. The girl, who was calling herself pansexual, loved men's clothing and considered herself a follower of David Bowie, decided that France was too patriarchal, but England is much freer.

On one of her first days in London Eloise went to the famous club under the name Madame Jojo's in Soho to see a drag show and quickly fall in love with the artists:

"We watched " Paris is burning "and talked a lot about how to find your character, your perfect role".

• Music career

In 2014 First Eloise returned to Paris and under the name Christine and the Queens released debut album Chaleur Humaine - it went platinum in France and the singer won five nominations at French music award Victoires de la Musique.

This fall, Eloise, whose music career is only few-years long has already come on stage with Madonna and Elton John and take first place in many European music charts, releasing a second album – Chris. In December she had a big concert in Paris and it was a phenomenal success.

• Personal traits and style

Chris’s energy and personality are powerful, her music is bold, having some disco notes with a lot of funk, insolence and dancing rhythm. When you listen to one of the key tracks - Girlfriend, you remember the 1980s and Michael Jackson, his dancing in a varnish costume and a pink shirt in a clip by Billie Jean. Eloise Latisse calls the works of Chris a dedication not only to Michael Jackson but also to his sister Janet. She appreciates freedom, expressed in both music and clothing the most. She was never afraid to do what she wants, no matter what others say. When it comes to her style, a singer often appears on the public in a Burberry uniform that resembles Michael Jackson's military jackets.

Favorite scenic costume of Eloise is a trouser suit, paired with a white shirt and loppers on a thick sole. Christine – the name of her alter ego - helps the singer be freer and more honest, feel confident as if you are not alone in difficult life situations.

"I would never say things I sing about in my real life," says Eloise.

The main topics of her songs are primarily complex social problems: in the music video for a song called «5 dollars» Eloise plays a prostitute ("I am called a neo-feminist - yes, I think we should change the snobbery attitude towards the girls of this profession"), and in «Does not matter» you can see her talking about relationship with God. Despite all the subtext, the music of Christine and the Queens is beautiful and sexy, no matter what social problems are being touched, this music is still perfect to just dance!

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