Pulcinella patch for Zeena Parkins

This is a suite of patches that Zeena Parkins is using to mangle Stravinsky’s “Pulcinella”. The patch is controlled by an Evolution UC 16 and a Novation Launchpad and sends feedback to the 3 color lights on the Launchpad to let the user know what the patch is doing in an intuitive way. The patch consists of 2 main sections.

Section 1: load a sound file into a buffer that mangles the playback of that file through direct parameter change and control of constraints on random processes effecting location of playhead, loop size, portamento, pitch, direction of playback and frequency of change.

Section 2: Step Sequencer that controls deterministic or random playback of samples and a dub-style filtered delay.  The sequencer is capable of effecting pitch, direction, delay timing, opening of gate to delay, and triggering of sound files. The sequencer can progress in a straightforward manner but it can also jump around in a semi-random manner or be randomly delayed. I created several gestures that do things like copy/pasting of steps.

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