This is an image of the patch that I used on “Spellbeamed” written by Zeena Parkins and performed by Ne(x)tworks, JACK quartet and myself. I used this with my custom midi controller, Splinter. The patch allows me to do several things including process incoming audio, live sampling, and playback. I can control several effects at one time by assigning a single knob to several functions on the fly and I can save almost any parameter as a preset. The routing is a bit different from previous versions of shredder to allow me to create separate wet/dry mixes for each channel and to support up to eight stereo or mono inputs.

I created a few new processes for this patch including:

ThreshTrigger: a threshold detector capable of triggering sample playback when a threshold is exceeded

Resomancer: a series of filters whose frequencies can be controlled manually or by employing pitch detection

Percussmore: a gate and distortion duo

Pitchduo: 2 semi-independant pitch shifters

Delayday: strange stereo delay with sliding time and feedback across channels

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