5 reasons why we love Rihanna


On Feb. 20, Rihanna, who has long ceased to be associated with music only, turned 31 years old. Now Rihanna is a highly paid influencer, a successful businesswoman, a philanthropist, as well as a style icon and inspiration for many. We have collected five reasons why Rihanna deserves respect.

• Commercial success

Everything that has been touched by Rihanna's hand magically converts into money. So, the line of lingerie Savage x Fenty and the cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty have already won their fans and brought the singer millions. In addition, Rihanna has founded a brand that successfully works on different projects on her behalf, transforming any cooperation into a commercially successful union. Dior, Balmain, Puma, and Manolo Blahnik are true proofs to this. The next project of a singer is the launch of the clothing brand by Rihanna, which, without a doubt, will be another success in the list of the singer’s personal empire achievements.

• Music

Rihanna's star lit up in 2005 when Jay Z noticed a 16-year-old young singer and signed a contract with her on behalf of his label Def Jam Records. Since then, Riri's career has gone uphill: she has become the youngest singer in the history of Billboard, who managed to lead the Billboard Hot 100 chart fourteen times, winning eight Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards and 18 Billboard Music Awards. In addition, Rihanna sold 20 million copies of her albums and 60 million singles. In 2018, Rihanna won the seventh position in the ranking of the world's highest-paid singers according to Forbes magazine with a revenue of $ 37.5 million.

• Diversity

Rihanna is not ashamed of her curvy magnificent forms, moreover, the singer believes that every girl is beautiful in her own way and should embrace it. That's why Riri has released a line of lingerie Savage & Fenty, which includes both standard sizes and sexy lingerie for girls plus-size. Rihanna has also found Fenti Beauty cosmetics company, and this beauty giant was the first in the history to ever launch 40 shades of foundation to match every skin color out there - from alabaster pale to practically pitch black. The singer wanted to emphasize that now girls with any skin tine should choose cosmetic products for Best Single pisces women from Ukraine for dating without problems.

• Fashion icon

Rihanna is a true master of fashion slaying: today she can wear a red colored bob, tomorrow she will shave the temples and bring back the black, and the day after tomorrow step into the shoes of a mermaid with a turquoise-emerald hair. The same story applies to trendy transformations - Riri switches between sport-chic and costume suits for a masculine cut for everyday life, and on red tracks, she likes to amaze the public with her outfits. People say that any fashion trend may look ugly until Riri decides it is not. She can pull off anything and look stunning.

• Charity

In 2012 she created the Clara Lionel Foundation along with her mother, Monika Braytwit. This is a fundraising organization that fights against cancer, as well as seeks funding for solving education problems and improving the quality of life in developing countries. In addition, the singer launches charity projects from Fenty Beauty. All the income from this company goes to the fund.

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